White Sage 20 - 1500 Seeds ORGANIC Herbs Salvia Apiana Medicinal Rare Perennial



Beautiful plant has striking silver/ white foliage and stands as a beauty in the garden. It thrives in poor soil so it requires very little care. 

Also known as Bee Sage and Sacred Sage. Other names include: Qaashil, Shlhtaay, Plhtaay, kasiile, We'wey, & Ihtaay. It is an Evergreen perennial shrub native to Southwestern United States and Northwestern Mexico. 

Bumble Bees, Hawkmoths, & wasps pollinate the plant and Hummingbirds love the plant! 

Native Americans started the tradition of using Sacred Sage to ward off evil spirits & negative energies. It has also been used in ceremonies to seek blessings of health, prosperity, and protection. Aside from its ornamental, ceremonial, & culinary uses, it is also used by some to cleanse ones Aurora as well as in Aromatherapy. A very interesting aromatic plant with history and a lot of application. 

Germination is difficult. We keep it simple and toss seeds on seed starter mix while keeping moist. We are happy with the number of seedlings we get with a 40-50% germination rate being that seeds are tiny and we sow many.



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