Curly Garden Cress seeds (200 - 12,800) peppergrass wort Halim Aliv CHANDRASHOOR


This herb is easy to grow in a container or garden. Great eaten as sprouts! Has refreshing peppery flavor with ruffled leaves. Used in peppery seasoning (haloon). Also known as pepper grass, pepper wort, curly cress, Chandrashoor

High-nutrient [raw] food contains a lot of Vitamin A, C, & K and other minerals
especially good in egg sandwiches 

This herb is related to water cress and mustard sharing their tangy flavor and aroma.

scientific name Lepidium Sativum

More Benefits: 
seeds used in remedy for minimizing asthma symptoms as well as
improves lung function in people suffering from asthma
helps make irregular menstruation become more regular
seeds can be eaten to relieve the symptoms of constipation and indigestion
Consumption of these seeds help to boost the haemoglobin level over time and helps treat people suffering from iron deficiency anemia
Garden cress is an excellent source of iron & protein & thus can be used for treating people suffering from hair loss!
facilitate milk production in lactating mothers 
helps improve and boost libido 
contains arachidic fatty acids and linoleic acids & thus can serve as a memory booster


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