Combo: Vates Kale, Spinach, Brussel Sprouts, Mustard seeds One stop shop greens



Mustard 150+ Seeds: Southern Giant Curled

Prolific grower with large, upright, and curled leaves. The Southern Giant is very easy to grow. Harvest young for best taste. 100 Seeds


12-15" tall, space 8-10" apart  45-55 days until harvest  sow seeds 1/4" deep

KALE 50+ seeds: Dwarf Blue Scotch curled Vates Kale 50+ seeds

Kale is sweet and a tasty green which is high in vitamins & minerals. The greens provide an abundance of tasty leaves and are tender, crunchy, and eaten fresh in salads. They can be boiled, steamed, or stir fried and add a healthy choice to your table. This variety is very cold tolerant, and can be used as a durable garnish. It is finely curled, & is a popular stew seasoning. 

This variety is an Heirloom which means the seeds can be planted year after year with the promise of providing the same great & totally natural qualities.

They can be grown as a fall crop and can be planted in late July for an early fall crop.

55 days until harvest.  50+ seeds.

Spinach 30+ seeds: Bloomsdale Longstanding

An old standard spinach since 1925. It does better in hot weather than most. Glossy, deep green, and very delicious leaves. 

45 Days

Brussel Sprouts 50+ seeds: Long Island Victory

Great tasting old fashioned variety was once the main commercial crop. Compact plants grow to 2 feet, with a single stalk producing up to 100 dark green 1½" sprouts over an extended period. 

Harvest 90 days

Sow seeds indoors ¼" deep in Seed starter mix. Plant outside just before the last frost. Brussels sprouts are a long-season, 
slow-growing vegetable that require a regular supply of water. Sprouts are most delicious after frost.

Start indoors 6-8 weeks before last frost
Germination takes 5-10 Days
Space 24" apart

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