Combo Radish Seeds French Breakfast, Spanish Round, White Icicle, German Giant


French Breakfast: This is an oblong, gourmet favorite that has a red top with pure white tips, and a sweet, mild flavor. 

Great for spring and fall

Great addition in salads, salted or buttered, or plain! Grows well in containers too

Radish tops make a great treat for backyard chickens too!

50 Heirloom Seeds

White Icicle: The White Icicle radish is a long crisp radish reaching up to 4 to 5" long. The white flesh has a crispy texture with a great mild flavor. Good for the summer, spring or fall. 

Very fun to watch grow only 25 days! 
30 Heirloom seeds

German Giant: Astonishing size, crimson skin, crisp and milf flavor. Can reach the size of baseballs! Remains sweet and crisp with no cracking. 
30 Heirloom seeds

Black Spanish Round:

Popular in Europe since the 1500's. A winter variety valued for its strong medicinal properties, ease of growth, and long

storage. Coal black skin, crisp pure white flesh. 
30 Heirloom Seeds      Delicious!

Easy Grow
55 Days
Long Storage

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