COMBO KALE 100 Seeds each Lacinato Red Russian Blue curled Vates Siberian Premier


These varieties are Heirloom which means the seeds can be planted year after year with the promise of providing the same great & totally natural qualities.

500 seeds total

Lacinato a.k.a Dinosaur Kale: This variety gets its Dinosaur name from the wrinkled texture of its leaves. The three-inched wide, heavily wrinkled leaves have a mild flavor, and are great boiled or steamed. The Baby leaves can be harvested as soon as 30 days, & used raw in salads. Mature leaves are ready in 60 days.
100+ seeds

Premier Kale: Very cold hardy vigorous plant that produces a high yield of medium foliage and scalloped leaves up to a foot long. Stems have close leaf nod. Outside leaves can be clipped and harvested and the center will continue to grow. 

100+ seeds 

Blue Curled Vates: sweet and a tasty green which is high in vitamins & minerals. The greens provide an abundance of tasty leaves and are tender, crunchy, and eaten fresh in salads. They can be boiled, steamed, or stir fried and add a healthy choice to your table. This variety is very cold tolerant, and can be used as a durable garnish. It is finely curled, & is a popular stew seasoning. 

They can be grown as a fall crop and can be planted in late July for an early fall crop.

55 days until harvest.  
100+ seeds 

Red Russian: An Heirloom dating back to the 1800's, this variety grows larger than the average Kale at 2-3 feet tall. Oak shaped grayish-green leaves with purple stems, this variety can be left outside through the winter which actually gives it a flavor boost. Very tender.
100+ seeds

Improved Siberian: This variety is more cold-hardy than traditional Siberian Kale and performs well even after a light frost. Improved Siberian kale is a cool season brassica that has large, blue-green oak-type leaves with white stems and a ruffled shape. Leaves grow to 24 inches. 

Its superior tenderness makes it one of the best varieties for raw salads. Mature leaves are suitable in soups, quiches, stir fry, steamed or sauteed. It's high in protein and highly digestible. 

One of the best forage producers in the brassica family, it can produce up to 8 tons of leafy forage per acre!

In the Northern states it is used as a summer, fall, and winter forage. Kale is a highly preferred food for deer and carries up to 30 percent protein!

100+ seeds

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