Combo 3 Fataliis-15 Seeds Each: RED + CHOCOLATE + ORANGE/YELLOW HOT Chili pepper



Red FataliiOne of the hottest chillies in the world, related to the Habanero, the plants grow to 4 feet tall & produce an ABUNDENCE of

attractive wrinkled red pods.

The fruit is a red version of the brutally hot Yellow Fatalii. It is just as hot if not more

The fruity flavor has a hint of citrus

Great for eating fresh, pickled, made into hot sauce, powdered, or as a garnish. Makes Great Jamaican Jerk sauce 

15 Heirloom Seeds

Chocolate FataliiHotter than the other Fatalii colors and very productive. Pods have a smokey-earthy floral smell and fruity flavor. Plants are approximately 60 to 90 cm. The ripe pods are chocolate brown Pods reach 7-9 cm. long and are about 2-3 cm. wide. Suitable for pots, greenhouses or direct outdoor. 

15 Heirloom Seeds

Orange/Yellow Fatalii- One of the hottest peppers you'll ever grow. Citrus-like flavor and extremely productive plant. 300,000 Scoville units. Pulling peppers from the plant can cause damage, so it's best to clip mature fruits from the stems with clean shears. A mature Fatalii pepper plant continues to produce when you harvest frequently. 

15 Heirloom Seeds

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