Coffee Arabica Tree Beans 10 - 110 Seeds Air purifying! Houseplant decor Easy to grow!


An attractive, shiny, compact, bushy, and upright tree with dark green leaves is a great houseplant. It also helps purify the indoor air! Prefers a  location close to a bright window. 

It makes a great easy care houseplant for beginners and experienced green thumbs alike! A small potted coffee plant makes a beautiful addition to your home decor with deep green leaves that have a beautiful texture.

Beans have smoother & more nuanceed flavor than other cofee types with notes of fruit, chocolate, nuts, & caramel. Cofee Arabica is also lower in caffeine & more acidic, making it less bitter & easier to drink.

Seed Germination: soak the beans for 48 hours before sowing. After soaking, place the seeds on top of the planting medium but do not cover them as light facilitates seed germination. Germination may take 4-8 weeks 

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