Boule D'or Melon AKA Golden Perfection Rare 20 Seeds Beautiful Non-GMO Heirloom



19th-century, French heirloom market melon that is prolific & hardy. It is a honeydew melon variety which, when ripe, has a deep lemon-colored, loosely netted skin with a pale green, honey-sweet flesh that emits tropical and slightly perfumed aromatics. Can grow to an average of 7 to 10 inches in diameter. 

The Boule D'or was first listed in 1885 in Vilmorin's book "The Vegetable Garden" (the first-ever seed catalog published for farmers and growers) but as with many heirloom varieties, finding its seeds today is a rarity. Fruits will keep for several weeks if kept cool and dry. Very hard to find. 
  95-110 days.      20 Heirloom Seeds       96% Germination.


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