3 Live 3 - 6" inch Seedlings Rhubarb Victoria Great Fresh or Jam Pie Sauce!


Listing is for 3 Live seedlings 3 - 6" inches each in 3" pots plants shipped priority. CA, OR, WA customers please contact for shipping quote.

One of the easiest Rhubarbs to raise from seed and grows year after year being that it is a perennial. Produces juicy, large, green-red stems which can make excellent pies, cakes, sauces, bars, muffins, cobbler, candy, jams, ice cream, rhubarb flavored salad dressing, and a whole range of culinary delights! Amazing eaten fresh for a sour treat! Makes excellent Rhubarb strawberry sauce!

Rhubarb leaves can be used to make organic insecticide which is effective in leaf eating insects. Do not eat leaves: REMEMBER: Rhubarb LEAVES contain high levels of Oxalic acid which is poisonous.

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