3 Live 3 - 6" inch Seedlings BLUE CURLED VATES KALE Delicious Healthy Scotch


Listing is for 3 Live seedlings 3 - 6 inches each in 3" pots plants shipped priority. CA customers please contact for shipping quote. 

Seedlings looking for a new home and eagerly wanting to expand. Kale is sweet and a tasty green which is high in vitamins & minerals. The greens provide an abundance of tasty leaves and are tender, crunchy, and eaten fresh in salads. They can be boiled, steamed, or stir fried and add a healthy choice to your table. This variety is very cold tolerant, and can be used as a durable garnish. It is finely curled, & is a popular stew seasoning. 

This variety is an Heirloom which means the seeds can be planted year after year with the promise of providing the same great & totally natural qualities.

They can be grown as a fall crop and can be planted in late July for an early fall crop.

Great for Farmers Markets!

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