3 (6) Live 4 - 7" inch Seedlings Basil Large Leaf Italian Aromatic fresh Pesto!



Listing is for 3 (6) Live seedlings 4 - 7 inches each 2 seedlings per pot in 3" pots, plants shipped priority

Very attractive bushy plant with large flavorful leaves. Grows well in containers and beautiful in flower borders. Eaten fresh, used in salads, pesto, soups, poultry dishes, even with burgers! Full of flavor

Broad oval crinky leaves can be used fresh or dried
Spicy fragrance and taste
Said to be the best in flavoring tomato sauces! 
Prolific producer
Healthy Herb
Easy to grow
Italian Large leaf has a lighter and more delicate leaf than Genovese

great on fish, pesto, sauces, salsa, pizza, spaghetti, yogurt, kabob meat, potpourri, noodles, salads, and much more!! 

Great for Farmers Markets!


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