3 (6) Live 4 - 7" inch Seedlings Tulsi Holy Basil Culinary Scent Herb Fresh



Listing is for 3 (6) Live seedlings 3 - 5 inches each 2 seedlings per pot in 3" pots, plants shipped priority

The most sacred herb in India. A beautiful medicinal herb that attracts beneficial insects like butterflies. Easy to grow. Flavor is sweet and more complex than Thai Basil. Helps body adapt to stress. A few benefits include:
reduce stress
weight loss
rid of headaches
respiratory  benefits
skin, hair, digestive system benefits
dissolve kidney stones
dental and oral health
reduce fevers 
helps quit smoking

More specifics about how it helps treat these can be found online. The Tulsi tea also does wonders. 

 Basil plants repels garden pests naturally including aphids, mites and tomato hornworm!! 

Contains antioxidants too!



Many herbalists use Basil as a natural remedy. A drop on the sleeve can be inhaled for mental fatigue.



Tomato plants make great neighbors for basil plants in the garden.


Great for Farmers Markets!


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