3 (6) Live 3 - 5" inch Seedlings Cinnamon Basil Culinary Scent Herb Spicy Fresh



Listing is for 3 (6) Live seedlings 3 - 5 inches each 2 seedlings per pot in 3" pots, plants shipped priority

Delicious cinnamon scent in the garden or on your plate! Unique flavor distinguishes it from other varieties. Vigorous, stocky plant much like large leaf basil. Rosy ornamental purple flowers. 

A good producer of many cuttings and makes a great herb for cooking! Can also be used in tea, potpourri, & essential oils. Crushed leaves rubbed on insect bites to reduces itching.

This Basil is great for Pesto. Grows outdoors as well as in pots indoors

Basil plants repels garden pests naturally including aphids, mites and tomato hornworm!! 



Contains antioxidants too!



Many herbalists use Basil as a natural remedy. A drop on the sleeve can be inhaled for mental fatigue.



Tomato plants make great neighbors for basil plants in the garden.


Great for Farmers Markets!


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