25,000 Red Bhut Jolokia dark Seeds Ghost Pepper Naga HOT Chilli 60/65% germ rate


This listing is for the seeds which were being dried for a little too long hence their dark color and germination rate of 60-65%. Indeed these are not as good a quality as the other ones I sell which is why they are at a discount. 

25,000+/-  dark seeds. Feel free to email any questions Thank you.

Known as one of the world's hottest peppers, with scoville readings sometimes exceeding 1,000,000 units!!! 

In 2007 Guinness Book of World Records certified the bhut jolokia as the world's hottest chili pepper, 401.5 times hotter then Tabasco sauce. 

95 days from transplant. 25,000 seeds 

I also sell larger quantities such as 500 seeds for $12.95 + $2.35 shipping and 1000 seeds for $25.00 free shipping; All cheapest on Ebay!

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