150+ seeds Each: Southern Giant Curled & Red Giant Mustard Heirloom Delicious


Southern Giant Curled: Prolific grower with large, upright, and curled leaves. The Southern Giant is very easy to grow. Harvest young for best taste. 150+ fresh heirloom Seeds

Red Giant (Chinese): The Red Giant is a delicious Japanese leafy mustard . The large savoy leaves are deep purple- red with white mid ribs. Vigorous plants grow best in Mild to cool climates. The thick and tender leaves have a delicious mustard pungency and are EXCELLENT for cooking and pickling! 150+ fresh heirloom seeds

150+ fresh heirloom seeds of EACH! 300+ seeds total!


45 days until harvest (great for wraps and stir fry)
21 days for baby leaves (excellent for tasty, colorful and unique salads)

12-15" tall, space 8-10" apart

sow seeds 1/4" deep

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