15 seeds Aji Amarillo hot chili pepper Big bright colored pods Peru Heirloom



Aji Amarillo originates from Peru. This is the most widely used chili in Peruvian, Bolivian, and Colombian cuisine because it tastes so good. Locally called the Aji Escabeche when fresh and Cusqueno when dry. Locals in Peru use this pepper in their Aji de Gallina "Hen Chili"and Huancaina sauce. In Bolivia, the pepper is used in Fricase Pacino.

The tall, prolific, 1.5 meter plant would benefit from staking as the large pods weigh the branches down.  An abundant producer of 15 cm long and about 2.5cm wide pods. The pods start green and go to an amazing orange color.


Crunchy, sweet Mango-like flavor is great pickled, served in pasta, salad, or in any other cooking. 


Heat is medium to low, great sweet flavor and a great producer. Also known as Aji Rojo; can be used fresh, roasted, dried, in sauces, and powder.

Capsicum Baccatum

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