10 Seeds Musque De Province Pumpkin Heirloom Big Beautiful


In France the cut wedges are sold in supermarkets as well as farmers markets. The deep orange flesh is a favorite for chefs due to its fine flavor. Very decorative. Long shelf life lasts throughout winter; an excellent storage variety! The finest "Cheese Wheel" type Pumpkin/Squash for eating that can be found! Flat shape and is about 6" thick and average about 15" across makes it terrific for baking!

Average yield: 2 fruits/plant.

Instructions: Direct sow outside after danger of last frost. Sow seeds 1" in seed starter mix at a temperature of 70F-90F. Plant in hills of 2-3 plants and space 6' to 8' (1.8-2.4m) apart. Germination 7-14 days depending upon growing conditions.

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