PRE ORDER 3 Live 3 - 5" inch Seedlings California Wonder Sweet Large Bell Pepper Red Green


This is a PRE ORDER listing plants will be shipped between April 15 - May 15 2023 

Listing is for 3 Live seedlings 3 - 5 inches each in 3" pots plants shipped priority.

A classic large bell pepper most commonly found in kitchens and gardens. Beautiful plants reach 18" - 24" inches tall. Pods are the largest of any other kind. Perfect for stuffing, salads, or grilled besides fajitas. A standard. Fruits start out as thick-fleshed, glossy green four- lobed globes maturing to bright red. 

Can be grown in Large containers. 

Low in calories, rich in vitamins, such as vitamin C, and double that amount when grown red maturity. It also has 30% of daily allowance of Vitamin A. Also Folic acid and vitamin B6! 



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