3 Live 8 - 12" inch Seedlings Medjool Dates Fruit Palm Tree Tropical


Listing is for 3 Live seedlings 8 - 12 inches each in 3" pots, plants shipped priority

Native to Morocco, Medjool Dates come from the date palm tree Phoenix dacylifera, & are now being grown in warm regions of the U.S.A.
The fruits are often sold dry, after their sugar becomes more concentrated which further increases their sweetness.
  • Exotic and Luxurious: Medjool date palms exude an exotic and luxurious aura, adding a touch of elegance to any landscape or garden.

  • Deliciously Sweet Dates: These palms produce the delectable Medjool dates, known for their rich, caramel-like sweetness, making them a delightful treat for snacking or culinary use.

  • Health Benefits: Medjool dates are packed with essential nutrients, fiber, and natural sugars, offering a healthy and energy-boosting option for snacks and recipes.

  • Landscape Statement: Planting Medjool date palm seedlings creates a stunning focal point in any landscape, with their graceful fronds and majestic stature.

  • Resilient and Drought Tolerant: Medjool date palms are hardy and drought-tolerant once established, requiring minimal maintenance and conserving water in arid regions.

  • Long-Lived Investment: Investing in Medjool date palm seedlings offers the opportunity to enjoy their beauty and bountiful harvest for many years, as they can live for decades or even centuries.

  • Self-Pollinating: Medjool date palms are self-pollinating, meaning you can have fruit even with just one tree, making them a practical choice for smaller garden spaces.

  • Versatility in Planting: These palms can be planted in various environments, from home gardens to large estates, offering a touch of the exotic wherever they are grown.

  • Eco-Friendly Choice: By planting Medjool date palm seedlings, you are contributing to a sustainable ecosystem, supporting local wildlife and creating a habitat for beneficial insects.

  • Unique Gift: Offering Medjool date palm seedlings as a gift is a thoughtful and unique gesture, providing recipients with an extraordinary and long-lasting addition to their surroundings.


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